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Integrated wiring
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Network data jumper
Network data jumper
  • It is commonly used in work area and management area subsystems for the connection between devices.
  • Cabinet
  • It is used for equipment assembly points such as horizontal and management rooms, common machine rooms and weak current wells.
  • PDU socket
    PDU socket
  • Provide 10a, 16a, multi port, multi-function cabinet PDU socket.
  • Network panel
    Network panel
  • The network panel is used in conjunction with a series of network modules. It is suitable for multi type module installation and applied to the wiring subsystem in the work area.
  • Unshielded / shielded RJ45 crystal head
    Unshielded / shielded RJ45 crystal head
  • It is applicable to the field termination of equipment room or horizontal subsystem. It is a common Ethernet application system.
  • Wire rack
    Wire rack
  • It is applicable to the horizontal and vertical cable management of 19 inch racks, distribution frames and equipment jumpers.
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